Our Armorer's Certification Classes are held in Jacksonville, Florida

Active Law Enforcement & Active Military Personnel Only

  • Remington 870-P PoliceShotgun 2-Day Certification
  • Remington 870-P Police Shotgun 1-Day Re-Certification
  • Remington 700-P Police 1-Day Certification

Learning Objectives:

-Basic operation and nomenclature
-Design and function of the firearm
-Common field strip leading to a detailed disassembly Cleaning and Maintenance
-Inspection & Troubleshooting Malfunctions / Diagnostics / Accuracy
-Advanced Repairs (i.e. Action Components, Spings, Extractors, Ejectors, etc.)  
-Repair documentation & tracking for the departmental armorer                                                

We OFFER Training Nationally at Your Agency! (See Registration Form Below)

Students are welcome to bring TOOLS or FIREARMS to class.

However, FIREARMS & TOOLS necessary to complete our courses will be provided for use in classes held at OUR LOCATION, as well as support materials.